Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moments 7 through 23

Well this is LONG overdue, and I am sorry about the lack of photos. However, I am not too sorry to remedy my laziness of not downloading photos off the camera.

7.  The tender faith of a toddler that reassured ME, THE MOTHER, that all would be alright after learning that we lost two incredible grandmothers in the same night.

8. The same tender faith that informed me that her "Great NaNa" is, "Living with Jesus Now" during Nana Forsell's funeral.

9. Although her father has been away on duty for two months now, she still wants to talk to him daily.

10. Louisiana is no longer Louisiana in this house…it is now "Louie-Nana"

11. She has great negotiating skills. "Just ONE more?" (While holding up two or more fingers and giving you the cutest blue eyes you have ever seen)

12. We are one-step closer to being a pull-up free house.

13. Nap time (or just quiet time) and bed time…while I enjoy being her mother, I also enjoy the solitude of when she is asleep. And there is just something just angelic about a sleeping toddler.

14. Her love for her extended family, it is a love that fills her little body and pours out EVERY pore in her.

15. One moment of joy came when we were traveling in the car to Wyoming. She had been screaming at me from the outskirts of Casper, all through town to the other side of town. Then SILENCE. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her asleep at last…only then did I hear the gentle snoring of a slumbering tyke.

16. Watching her play with her constant companion….our dog Emma.

17. Dropping her off to play with her friend S so that I can go get a massage.

18. Registering her for preschool…I am excited for September to arrive….and I am apprehensive because this is just one more step in her growth and development. I long for my tiny baby, I relish my toddler, and dream of my young woman.

19. Watching her discover "big girl" puzzles…you know, the ones without the pegs and actually make a picture.

20. Saturday we had an accident free day in big girl panties.

21. Receiving motherly advice from my Mama P who has also mothered a "spirited" child just like her…..thanks Mama P for always being there when I need you, and for your gentle, yet stern words of advice. (I LOVE that woman!)

22. Playgroup at the park….our time may be spent saying things like, "DON'T THROW THE SAND!" "NO, we don't hit/bite our friends." "STAY OUT OF THE WATER!" but it still is such soul refreshing way to refill your mom tank….at the park, with other moms….they are a great bunch!

23. Knowing that as of Thursday night I will not be doing this alone (physically) for a few weeks, really looking forward to my Hero being home for a few weeks! (Or am I just looking forward to getting away just the two of us for a couple of nights?)

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Lacey said...

All great things, but I am really excited for you about #23!