Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Blue Wife" for a night

One thing about being here at USAG Yongsan that I am struggling with is the blended environment with a heavy dose of Army—this is after all an Army base. Last week I had the chance to feel like an Air Force wife surrounded by my fellow blue wives for a few hours. It was the first get together of the year for the Air Force wives on base; they meet September through May. As a welcome gift to all the new wives here at Yongsan, we were giving these ceramic ducks, Korean wedding ducks to be specific. They came with an explanation of the tradition.

Korean Wedding Ducks
Mandarin ducks mate for life and thus represent marital harmony and fidelity. In Korea, they are given as a symbol for a long and happy marriage. They are placed somewhere in the couple’s home and their position, adjusted by either spouse, tells of the couples marital state. Nose-to-nose means the relationship is good, tail-to-tail means they probably are having a tiff. Traditionally, the female’s beak is tied shut which assists in leading to marital harmony.
Rest assured, this duck’s bill is not tied!

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